Tips for having the perfect Caribbean destination wedding


We at Antigua Brides consider ourselves to be island experts, being born and raised in the beautiful caribbean makes for an impressive resume. We'd like to share with you some tips on making your Antigua destination wedding even more amazing!

Beat the Heat!

We know one of the major selling points for your destination wedding is the gorgeous tropical weather, don’t forget to keep this in mind when selecting attire for you and your guests. breathable fabrics like Linen and Seersucker are great options.

Tan not Toast!

Pack a high SPF for face and body and apply it daily before venturing out, sun burn can happen quickly even on days not spent at the beach. We recommend to save the tanning until after your wedding day, but we do know our beaches are impossible to resist! Plan ahead by packing swim wear with the same style or cut as your wedding dress, strapless top for strapless gown, halter tops for halter gowns. That way you can show of your gorgeous tan without the awkward tan lines.

Watch your Step!

Match your shoes to your actual wedding spot. Heels and sand are a tricky combination! We recommend including a cute matching flat and/or flip flops. This will make moving to different locations a comfortable experience while taking your romantic photos.

Tote It!

Have a little ” bridal bag” to stash your touch up items close by, such as makeup, blotting papers, lip balm, hair brush, extra hair pins, slippers, water and anything you will need to take along with you to keep you fresh and comfortable.

Guard your Memories!

Keep your wedding photography at the top of your list of priorities for the wedding day. Pay attention to the scheduled time line to make sure that other services such as hair, make up, bouquet, does not interfere with the planned start of the photography.

A Pictures Worth!

We understand the excitement from family and friends who have journeyed to spend this special day with you. However we kindly ask that photo enthusiasts who wish to take photos at the wedding be mindful and respectful of the paid professionals.

Finally and most importantly, have fun and enjoy this memorable occasion!